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Pioneers of Programmatic Native CTV advertising

At Origin, we are excited to have the industry's first ever self-serve native CTV/OTT solution for programmatic traders who are looking for more powerful and more brand safe CTV supply. Better still, we have made transacting against it completely seamless for our buying partners:

  • Origin's custom content studio produces engaging and family-friendly, short-form trivia and fast facts that run inside the ad breaks of movies and shows on Connected TV.

  • Partnering on an exclusively direct basis with several leading CTV streaming services, our trivia has access to over >10mm fully vetted CTV ad spots/day in >65% of livings rooms across the country.

  • We have exclusive rights to the ad spot that immediately follows our native content, which we make available for programmatic buyers to leverage.

The benefits of Origin's native programmatic CTV solution are equally simple and clear:

  • 'Hard breaks' suck, but they're a fact of life that most people don't think about. Buying into the ad spots directly against Origin's native content guarantees that ads will never run directly after unsavory content. We can guarantee that this sort of thing can't happen:

  • By extension, buying into Origin's native programmatic CTV inventory means that a brand's ad will never run direct after content that they want to avoid.

Last but not least, here's the 'kicker':

  • Origin's custom content studio produces native content that covers multiple industry categories.

  • Each of the categories we produce content for are available as deals for programmatic desks to buy directly against in just the same way you do today. Simply search for our deals in one of our many supported DSP's - and away you go!

It looks like this (here's an example of a healthcare ad running programmatically against a piece of health & wellness native Origin trivia:

If you are a programmatic desk looking for brand safe, turbo-charged CTV supply then look no further. To learn more, you can click here or contact us at


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