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Origin Media - weekly CTV Innovation newsletter, June 2020

1. Streaming Rocketship -

According to Nielsen, for the last eight weeks CTV viewing has averaged 3.8 billion hours!

2. Stats That Amaze -

According to Parks Associates, Three-quarters (76%) of U.S. households now have OTT video service subscriptions, versus just 62% with traditional pay-TV services.

3. Help Us, Help YOU -

On July 1, Origin Media is slated to launch the first self-serve Native Programmatic CTV/OTT video supply marketplace. Partners will be able to uniquely transact on 150+ Native Trivia and Fast Fact categories in top tier DSPs (TTD, DV360, Xandr etc.).  

Would you like to suggest any 'off the shelf categories for your brand(s)? How can Origin make your life easier? - CLICK HERE


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