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CTV Advertising Expert and Origin Co-Founder Stephen Strong shares thoughts with The Drum on Nielsen

With 2022 showing the kind of potential needed for it to be the tipping point for CTV that advertisers need, it is vital for new solutions to get the appropriate level of scrutiny.

Few people understand the CTV advertising industry as well as Stephen Strong, so he was more than happy to share his input with Kendra Clark from The Drum on this recent Nielsen product announcement:

Here is the excerpt that includes Stephen's contribution:

Experts say the move looks promising — but that Nielsen still faces the task of regaining trust.

"The new Streaming Signals product is certainly a step in the right direction for Nielsen, but they still have a lot of work to do — as with any new launch, there are going to be questions of validity and accuracy," says Stephen Strong, co-founder and chief business officer at media and technology company Origin.

"This particular product does help fill clear gaps within the CTV space. Moving from household to individual user on CTV is important and this product helps increase innovation and provide more granularity around viewership, as there is greater access to data in a real time way — so it is actionable immediately."

Even so, Strong points out that Nielsen isn't necessarily a true pioneer in offering viewer-level insights; "Companies like TVision have had products that distinguish who is actually watching on a CTV device for a while," he says.

Read the full Drum article here.


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