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What It Means To Run An Advertising Company With ADD (And Other Topics) - Presented by 43Twenty.

A few weeks back, our CEO, Fred Godfrey, was a guest on Kirby Grines' (43Twenty) weekly live stream, joined also by Tom Shaeffer (Float Left).

It was an extremely informal conversation which meant we could cover a number of topics, such as:

  • Life as a business owner.

  • The ups and downs associated with being self-employed.

  • The impact of having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in a creative environment.

  • Mental health.

While there were a few fairly 'intense' moments (mental health can be a windy road), they covered a lot of valuable ground in the hope that anyone watching might realize two things:

  • Running a company can be less fun than it looks.

  • ADD is a gift to be used, not a curse to be hidden.

As we all float through this strange and funny thing called life, it is easy to take oneself too seriously and to worry a little too much about what other people think. But when you strip those concerns away, all kinds of magic can happen.

Our thanks goes out to Kirby, Tom and anyone who chooses to watch the above recording.


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