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What Is Native CTV?

Native CTV is defined as the strategic use of branded or unbranded short form (typically 15 second) native content on Connected TV (CTV) in a way that follows the natural and organic flow of the streaming environment in which it is being viewed.

Whereas native advertising on smaller screens such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers adopt native strategies that require it to blend in with its surrounding environment, in the case of Native CTV the native content is the only content on the screen at the time it runs.

Per the prevailing rules of native advertising that have been reinforced over years of successful use on other screens, Native CTV remains true to the fundamental rule that the native content's purpose is to elevate or incorporate a brand in such a way as it in natural to the consumers' viewing experience. To this end, Native CTV ad formats can leverage native content in one of two ways:

  • Brand inclusion: The immersion or inclusion of brand sponsorship with the Native CTV content itself (see Origin Slate).

  • Content adjacency: The strategic application of non-contextually relevant or contextually relevant branded or unbranded Native CTV content that is served either immediately before, after or at each end of a traditional CTV ad creative, inside standard ad breaks (see Origin Slingshot).

In 2021, Origin's first to market Native CTV ad formats were officially recognized by The IAB in its Creative Best Practices Guide. In its guidelines, Native CTV is summarized as being 'short form content is displayed before or at the end of an existing CTV ad creative. This additional content can either be branded or unbranded and is directly tied to and relevant to the ad it accompanies'.

The main benefits of Native CTV

Native CTV ad formats are adopted by brands and agencies who are looking to solve the problems that have been preventing them from accomplish more from their CTV investments. They include:

  • Attention: With almost 90% of audiences holding a phone in their hand while they're watching television, there is an emerging 'attention deficit' problem that brands are keen to solve. Native CTV ad formats provide viewers with an enjoyable content experience during the ad break that an independent study by Origin and IPG has shown is an engaging as the movie or show that the viewer sat down to watch.

  • Brand safety: Running a traditional ad creative in a Native CTV environment prevents brands from having their ad run directly after competitive ads or as the first ad in an ad spot where the channel uses 'hard ad breaks'.

  • Ad fatigue and creative wear-out: In instances where branded Native CTV content is being used, brands benefit from the viewer gaining exposure to their brand without them seeing the same complete ad experience more than once.

  • Personal relevance and emotional investment: Native CTV content has the ability to immerse and engage viewers in such a way that they become more emotionally invested in the ad that the content is supporting.

More about traditional Native Advertising

It has been important that Native CTV adopts and follows the original rules of Native Advertising. At its roots, Native Advertising can be defined as 'any form of paid media that follows the natural form and function of the environment in which it is being consumed'. Its purpose is to 'elevate or incorporate a brand message without looking like, or serving the direct purpose of an ad'. The single most important law of Native Advertising is that it must be 'consistent in nature with the platform's overall user experience'.

The roots of Native Advertising

Believe it or not, native advertising can trace it roots back to the early 1900's when the Ford Motor Company ran ads around local automobile racing news.

Learn more about Native CTV

If you're tired of seeing your ads jammed into an ad break to run back to back against other ads, drop us a line and discover how Native CTV can help you elevate and amplify your message the way it has for some of the world's most recognized brands.

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Origin is a pioneering creative technology company whose first to market Native CTV ad solutions are reshaping the way brands engage and activate consumers on the largest screen in the home.

Fusing dynamic content animation with proprietary ad serving technology, Origin's proprietary Native CTV ad formats elevate attention, recall, consideration and outcomes for brands who want to amplify their voice on Connected TV.

Origin was founded by media veterans Fred Godfrey and Stephen Strong whose careers have been shaped by their relentless commitment to enraging the status quo. Learn more at

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