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The Future of 'Dynamic Creatives' on Connected TV (CTV) is here. Here are the ways you can benefit.

The last few years have seen monumental strides being taken 'behind the glass' - be it targeting, data, measurement, programmatic delivery, ad podding and so on. But while all the focus on innovation has been happening on that side of the advertising industry, far less attention has been made to what actually happens 'in front of the glass', in other words - the creative itself.

At Origin, we have been quietly leading the charge in creating, testing and delivering dynamic CTV creatives that change all that. Imagine a world where your CTV advertising strategy gave you the freedom:

To have not one or two ad creatives, but hundreds or even thousands.

To send a completely different message to different audiences, be it target demographics or the viewer's geo-location.

To change the message you are sending out to the living room whenever you want.

The era of 'one ad fits all' is over. In a generation of increasing distraction, the time has come to give CTV advertisers the power to orchestrate what could arguably be the most important element of their campaign - what the viewer actually sees.

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Origin is a pioneering media and technology company whose first to market creative advertising solutions are reshaping the way brands engage and activate consumers on Connected TV.

The architects of ‘Native CTV’, Origin fuses in-house video production with proprietary ad serving technology to create highly engaging native content that is engineered to capture the attention of a room during an ad break and enhance the connection a viewer feels towards a particular brand.

Origin was founded by media veterans Fred Godfrey and Stephen Strong whose careers have been shaped by their relentless commitment to enraging the status quo. Learn more at


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