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REQUEST EARLY ACCESS: Political TV advertising market research study of over 7,000 U.S. households

Political TV advertising has begun, the statistics are pouring in - and by all intents and purposes it looks like Political TV and CTV ad spend for the upcoming 2024 general election is (once again) going to eclipse every prediction and break every record set to date.

What this means is that everyone and their mother who works in the advertising industry is going to be doing what they can to earn a piece of that spend. Which includes us (what you are reading right here is us earning that spend).

If you've ever worked for a traditional news organization, you will know that political TV advertising is quite literally the lifeblood of their linear existence - and you will probably also know that linear TV is where political spend places its focus. Why is that? In part it's because tradition is easier than progress and in part it's because '3 martini dinners' are still strangely effective. Nothing new there.

However, in a world where more people stream TV into their living room rather than watch traditional broadcast or cable (eMarketer), Connected TV is TV. It's TV with its own unique value props, rendering it an equally valuable destination for those budgets.

Which is where this all gets interesting.

Heavyweight challenges require heavyweight research and solutions. And it is these two things we present to you today - research and solutions.


In December 2023, we commissioned our brand measurement partner, LoopMe, to run a nationwide market research survey of over 7,000 American households asking them six fundamental questions about political TV advertising.

The premise

The nature, structure and format of political campaign ads has barely changed in decades and one of the biggest problems with that is they get stale, fast. Especially when you consider young voters who are so over-stimulated by social/desktop ads that change all the time.

Our objectives

Understand exactly how real voters feel about the political ads they see on TV today and establish how they could be more effective.

This is what we asked

To request early access to this report - click here.

These questions may appear simple, but now imagine having access to a solution that allows you to lean into what that data tells you.

Which brings us here...


5 years ago, we released the industry's first definitely 'Native' CTV ad format which since then has been served countless billions of times and won awards. It's called Slingshot and its job is to elevate the attention living room audiences pay to the ads they see on CTV and to enhance mental or emotional clarity ahead of the viewer seeing it.

How does it do this?

Slingshot serves highly engaging 15 second contextually relevant content directly adjacent to a campaign's ad creatives, inside regular ad breaks on Connected TV.

What does it look like?

What are the results for those who use it?

As reported by TVision Insights, in the 2022 midterms, one political advertiser who ran their ads with Slingshot saw a 368% lift in the physical attention that 18-65 year olds paid to their campaign ad when it was amplified by Slingshot. To read the case study, click here.


At Origin, we believe that TV advertising can be better and by extension, that political TV advertising can be better.

But it can only become better if we ask the right questions and create solutions that enable that improvement.

To request early access to this groundbreaking report

To speak to someone on the team about Slingshot, write to:


Origin is an award-winning creative technology company whose zero code CTV ad formats give marketers unparalleled creative liberty in the living room and outside the home. 

Fusing pioneering production techniques with proprietary technology and direct distribution, Origin's solutions are embraced by media agencies, brands, creative teams and programmatic platforms who understand the value of being able to deliver relevant, engaging and ‘in the moment’ ad experiences to their audience.

Founded by media veterans Stephen Strong and Fred Godfrey, Origin is driven by the simple belief that the time has come to challenge tradition and enrage the status quo. Learn more at


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