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Origin Slate

Transform unsold air into a precious gem

'We'll Be Right Back'

Origin Slate is a pioneering Native CTV solution for channel owners who want to improve the ad experience and advertisers who are looking for new and cost-effective ways of reaching audiences at home.

What is Origin Slate?

Origin Slate fills 100% of a digital linear channel's unused ad spots with mentally and visually stimulating native content that keeps viewers engaged and entertained until their show returns while serving the purpose of a traditional 'Be Right Back' slate.

Key benefits

Channel owners

A turnkey alternative to the legacy 'be right back' message that is native to their channel, highly engaging and a zero-lift revenue driver.


A limitless source of premium Native CTV content that can be instantly sponsored & used to reinforce brand messaging.


Side by side demonstration




Want to know more?

Are you a channel owner looking to improve the ad break experience while generating incremental revenue or an advertiser looking for new and cost-effective ways of elevating your presence in the living room?

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