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Short ads rock on Connected TV.

There is growing consensus that in order to create a better (and therefore more successful) ad experience for CTV audiences:

  • Shorter ads are better.

  • Fewer ads are better.

And the good news is that by and large, both advertisers and content owners are listening.

Not too long ago, 30+ second ads in length ad breaks were the norm (driven presumably by legacy practices from the days of traditional TV advertising), but according to a report published last April in MediaPost there is now an almost even split between 30 second CTV ads and their smaller sibling - the 15 second CTV ad.

However, if a brand is going to embrace this sea change, making sure they have the viewer's attention when it starts is even more important - which is where Origin's Native CTV Toppers come into play.

While on the face of it the use of Toppers might seem counter-intuitive to the rule that 'shorter ads are better', the important thing to note is that Toppers are not ads - they are 'ad primers'. They are carefully crafted short form pieces of native content.

What does this mean?

  • While the purpose of an ad is to sell a certain product or service, the purpose of a Native CTV Topper is to sell the ad that follows it. Because this is the case, 100% of the messaging and execution of the Topper can go into doing what they are born to do: entertaining and engaging the audience.

Why are they born to do this?

  • Because their very purpose is to a) draw the viewer's attention back to the TV screen when it is most probably elsewhere, b) immerse them mentally emotionally in a certain headspace and c) deliver them into the ad primed and in the funnel.

Bigger isn't always better.


Origin is a pioneering media and technology company fusing agile content production with proprietary ad serving technology to create first to market native advertising solutions for brands who want to engage and activate consumers on the largest screen in the home.

The original architects of ‘Native CTV’, Origin’s in-house animation studio produces engaging native content for advertisers that is designed to capture the attention of a room, immerse the audience in active dialogue and elevate the connection they feel towards a brand.

Origin Media was founded by media veterans Freddie Godfrey and Stephen Strong, whose success has been shaped by a relentless commitment to disrupting the status quo. Learn more at


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