Image by Alexander Dummer

demo one & two

Unit type

Joker (branded)


Series Concept

iRobot product trivia

demo three & four

Unit type

Chameleon (unbranded)


Series Concept

Cleaning trivia (pets and other messes)

demo five

Unit type

Custom Turnkey (Dynamic Text, Branded)

Series Concept

Portfolio with holiday theme

(Christmas Duos)

Turnkey Series Availability

> $750k only

immersive setting

Origin's in-house team of writers and designers are single-minded in their mission to produce native content that complements existing video assets. 


The custom content we produce is designed to bring the viewer's attention back to the screen during an ad break and engage them mentally as well as emotionally.

premium distribution

Origin is fully integrated with a growing portfolio of vetted CTV publishers, all of whom we work with on an exclusively direct basis.

Aware that our native content helps improve the advertising experience for their viewers, many of our partners give Origin preferred access to their premium inventory.