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What your ad runs after has always mattered. Now, it's critical.

Brand safety has been a problem for advertisers ever since more dollars started flowing into our digital world, because while the old-school "i'll buy a spot in this show and that show please" model has slowly waned away, what it's been replaced by is robots and algorithms fighting for whatever their operator deems 'best for you' - and with a fundamental lack of transparency plaguing our industry at a grassroots level, this is an issue:

a) What if you don't want your ad to run immediately after hard news? Do you tell the robot to block all news?

b) What if you don't want your family car ad to run immediately after someone's just had their face smashed open (see example below)? Do you tell the robots to block all movie apps?

c) More relevant to today though (and what got us thinking) was - what if you don't want your brand to be run directly after Coronavirus related content? The folks at Newsy (where I used to work) took proactive steps by ensuring that at least one ad break/hour was book-ended by light news. Well, i think that's cool - partly because it shows initiative but also because it made me realize value Origin represents that we've not even thought about this way yet - ANYONE WHO BUYS INTO ORIGIN'S SUPPLY is guaranteed to run after family-friendly, engaging, catchy TV trivia.

So, while we can't necessarily control the nature of the show or what happens after your ad has been seen - we can 100% guarantee that what comes immediately ahead of your ad is going to be safe and light. And that is more than most can promise...


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