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Webinar: Creative Solutions To Minimize Churn and Maximize Attention in CTV

In a world where having a 100% fill rate remains a myth to many but where streaming costs are also high, tune into this upcoming OTT.X webinar and learn how unsold ad inventory might be the solution to viewer churn and ad fatigue in streaming TV.


Origin is a pioneering media and technology company whose first to market creative advertising solutions are reshaping the way brands engage and activate consumers on Connected TV.

The architects of ‘Native CTV’, Origin fuses in-house video production with proprietary ad serving technology to create highly engaging native content that is engineered to capture the attention of a room during an ad break and enhance the connection a viewer feels towards a particular brand.

Origin was founded by media veterans Fred Godfrey and Stephen Strong whose careers have been shaped by their relentless commitment to enraging the status quo. Learn more at


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