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Advertising all-rounder Lee Harrison joins Origin as Head of Strategic Sales

We are truly excited to announce that Origin has made a new hire to its quietly growing organization - his name is Lee Harrison and he will be joining our team in a full time capacity as 'Head of Strategic Sales'.

The New York based advertising veteran comes to us with the essential knowledge we need when it comes to researching, validating and nurturing new opportunities in areas we've yet to explore in the realm of CTV marketing.

While his experience in the strategic sales space is significant, he also has a well needed 'sales marketing' background which will be put to work as we continue to review, revise and improve our approach to the blooming CTV advertising market.

A little about Lee - Hailing originally from the UK and Ireland, he currently calls Hampton Bays home where he lives with his wife Johanna (also in advertising), a 3-month-old bundle of joy called Jasper and a furry 2-year-old giant Labrador, Dash. When he's not knee-deep in diapers or dog toys, he gets his downtime in retro gaming (think classic consoles and even more classic games like Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Street Fighter), hanging out with family and exploring the great outdoors.

So, if you're ever looking for someone to reminisce about the good ol' days of gaming with, Lee is your guy!

When it comes to his own thoughts on becoming a part of the Origin family, Lee said "I am over the moon to be joining the Origin crew. You all have made a huge splash in the CTV world and the work you've done is nothing short of fantastic. I have been admiring you from afar for a while, and for me to be part of this crew, I am beyond honored! I feel like a kid in a candy store, excited to support and work alongside such an awesome group of people!"

Well Lee, the feeling is mutual sir. At Origin we exist to defy convention and enrage the status quo - so you're in good company.

Welcome to the team!


Origin is an award-winning creative technology company whose zero code TV advertising solutions have reshaped the way marketers captivate and communicate with consumers inside and outside the home.

Fusing pioneering CTV ad formats with proprietary technology and direct media partnerships that span the streaming ecosystem, Origin's solutions are embraced by brands, agencies and platforms who are seeking to deliver a stronger storytelling experience to their audience.

Founded by media veterans Fred Godfrey and Stephen Strong, Origin is driven by a relentless belief that the time has come to challenge tradition and enrage the status quo. Learn more at


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