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Innovation in CTV: Recap of VideoNuze CTV Ad Summit Panel

The topic of CTV Innovation isn’t one that we often shy away from at Origin, so it was an honor and a privilege for CoFounder and CEO Fred Godfrey to join a panel on the subject at last week’s virtual VideoNuze Connected TV Ad Summit.

Led by Jonothan Bokor of TruOptik, the June 9th panel also included Dan Brackett, CTO and Co-Founder of Extreme reach, Andrea Zapata, VP of West Coast sales at Vevo, Vijay Sajja,CEO of Evergent and Fred Godfrey of Origin Media. The thirty minute panel set out to address the question “CTV Innovation, whats coming next?” and the discussion led to some important outcomes.

Opportunities in CTV: Creative

The amazing technological advancements in CTV offer innovative opportunities that break beyond linear limitations, specifically in the area of marketing creative.

“Content, beautiful storytelling, sight sound motion, is what draws audiences and user engagement” said Andrea Zapata of Vevo. Beyond getting brands and agencies into the mindset that there are more creative possibilities than the same type of ads that have run for the last seventy years, the impact and results of innovative solutions on CTV are being proven out every day.

While “TV” advertising has traditionally been a brand awareness play, improvements in creative execution coupled with modern CTV measurement is proving that CTV and particularly Native CTV solutions fulfill total funnel marketing presenting stories that engage people and make a connection with the brand.

Origin’s Native CTV solutions directly address the challenges of antiquated creative practices, primarily through the use of 15-second native video assets called Ad Toppers that run immediately before, after or around a brands’ main ad. Engineered to capture the attention of the room during an ad break, a Topper’s ability to contain hyper relevant and personal messaging that’s unique to every demographic being targeted makes them highly effective at engaging viewers either mentally or emotionally and through doing so priming them for the ad it’s accompanying.

What to leave behind?

Wisdom shows us that it is now of paramount importance that we elect to leave legacy aspects of CTV marketing behind. Specifically, the panel discussion ended up diving deep into ad fatigue (known as creative wear-out to some) and the importance of moving past over-delivering the same one creative all the time. Panelists also ruminated on the notion that convergence has actually resulted in more fragmentation, becoming a zero sum game.

The end result of the conversation? One of the spots most ripe for innovation today centers not around the technology behind an ad, but the ad itself - and based on the results Origin is continually delivering for our clients today, the juice is worth the squeeze.

Here's the full panel discussion from June 9, 2021


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