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about origin media, inc.

Behind Origin

Origin was founded by New York media veterans who between them have had over 20 years experience leading companies through the digital content revolution. 


Having both served at the forefront of Connected TV since before it was considered 'the next big thing', they have unparalleled expertise in the space, a proven track record of success and an acute understanding of the challenges advertisers face when trying to grow their brand on TV.

Where others try to convince brands not to explore the world that is Connected TV, Origin Media guides its clients through every single aspect of the industry. Whether it's dynamic floor pricing, the merits of cutting out intermediaries or defining what brand safety actually means, we are trusted to know what we're talking about and don't mind passing what we know along. 

 freddie godfrey

studio, talent & brand acquisition

Fred has spent the last 15 years obsessing over how technology can enable progress.

In 2008 he founded an e-commerce company in London and in the same year was listed in the Courvoisier Future 500 'Top 100 most aspiring individuals'​.

In 2012 the business was acquired and he moved to San Francisco where he co-founded a data-focused search engine which in 2013 was acquired by a small investment group. 

In 2015 he relocated to New York City to be with Telaria and later that year moved to Newsy where he worked in the revenue team sourcing and signing strategic distribution partnerships.

In 2018 he relocated to Seattle where he now divides his time between his desk and the mountains.

Freddie holds a Masters Degree in Moral Philosophy and in his spare time he is a keen distance runner, mountain climber and photographer. 

FUN FACT: Fred is heavily dyslexic, has ADD and will often use pictures instead of words when working on projects.

His primary responsibilities at Origin centre around brand success and the day-to-day management of Origin's custom content studio.


stephen strong 

revenue, operations & distribution

Stephen is a digital media strategist whose relationships with media companies, advertisers and platforms extend across the industry.


Over the 15 years he has been in the digital media space, Stephen helped Viacom brands put long-form content on the internet for the first time, played an instrumental role in growing Aol’s video syndication business to a billion views a month and most recently led the revenue team at Newsy where his guidance and leadership saw the company become the leading news brand on connected television.


With his expertise spanning video distribution, monetization, strategy and operations, there is little Stephen doesn't know about the CTV universe.


Stephen resides in New York City with his wife Marissa, several cats and his two children Sadie and Wyatt.

FUN FACT: Stephen can memorize everything said to him in a phone call while simultaneously writing an unrelated email.

His primary responsibilities at Origin centre around the distribution and monetization of the content produced by our content studio.


 chad parsons

bookkeeping & corp dev

Chad brings a wealth of financial wisdom and level-headedness to Origin Media.

Originally hailing from Sun Valley, Chad has served as CFO and general all-round bookkeeper for a number of small, emerging and established technology companies.

His primary role at Origin centres around making sure the company remains on top of the many transactions that take place every day, ensuring everyone on both sides of a partnership meet agreed upon deal terms.


advisory board

Jerry Chiang

legal counsel

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Chloe Morawski

bd & social strategy

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Jay Wolff

senior business advisor

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Sam Liberto

studio & graphic design

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